The Project Casa Morena

Casa Morena is a place to relax and spend time in the nature, surrounded by sea, mountains, sun, sand, sometimes eagles, whales, crickets, dolphins, manta rays, fish and turtles. Always with the tranquility of being with friends who take care of you and always making sure you live the best experience.

The project was born in a natural beauty called “La Boquilla Beach”. An approximately 120 m long and 20 m wide beach, with golden sand and medium grain, with a strong slope but mild turquoise water and smooth waves. The form of the Bay makes activities like swimming, snorkeling, free diving and “the courtesies of the house”, not motorized activities even more safe. Everything to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Get to know another angle of the beautiful State of Oaxaca, the exotic and hidden paradise of Mexico.

Casa Morena is an ecotourism project, so it is a priority for us to take care of the environment. One of the main concerns is the aquifers, so we use biodigestors for the treatment of sewage. We also try to maximize the natural light and use repellents based on citronella to always try to maintain a balance with the flora and fauna of the environment.

The amenities are also an important part. By staying at Casa Morena you help the sustainable development of local projects, such as the Mazunte natural cosmetics factory, which was created to have an alternative employment and to fight the killing of turtles in the region.

The idea of Casa Morena is to promote the products and services of the Oaxacan Coast region so that the local economy benefits and generates sources of employment for families in communities belonging to this geographical area of Oaxaca.